Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Kitty

We got a new kitty yesterday. So far Spawn is doing well with him. So is Indy (my nephew who is 4, AKA my roomie's son) The roomies and I had a lot of fun playing with kitty yesterday and attempting to break up cat fights. Our other cats aren't too sure about this little guy yet. So this week on my agenda is a trip to the vet to get shots and sniped and hopefully he'll tell me what he wants his name to be. Right now he's being called Kit. Who knows it might stick.

In other news, I feel myself shutting down and pushing away. Something I tend to do when I get really, really stressed. Not an easy trait to have when you are the single parent of a difficult child. Sometimes I feel like I need to just pull into myself instead of reaching out to my friends. It's not a good thing usually when I do it, it has the effect of hurting people's feelings. I do try to be aware of when I get into these moods and send out warnings. It doesn't always work. They also tend to make me hypersensitive to the way I think other people are acting toward me. Now I can tell you, in those situations I'm almost always wrong. I'm such a mess sometimes, but aren't we all?

I'm going to update this post with some kitty pictures hopefully today.

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