Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Still Crazy

So here we are again. I can't tell you when I last posted nor do you care. What matters is, I'm posting again. For some reason I have to do this from my phone because my pc is stupid...I tried to get to my blog and it said no...what an ass it's been lately...I'll try again tomorrow when I just might post again.
So, here's what's new...nothing. Oh wait, that's not true. I did a show. My first lead, Ken Ludwig's The Fox on the Fairway. I was Pamela. Very funny show, great cast and I got to be on stage with my honey again. What more can one ask for...well, getting paid would have been something more but alas this was community theater.

H is in 5th grade now and still's her 3rd year. I just might get bold and post a picture. She's doing better since the Empire fell and Vader has returned somewhat to the good side of the Force...I wonder though if a Sith can ever really change his side of the Force. For now it's okay. He's even trying to pay his support like he's supposed to...How about that...The more time I spend with H and Vader the more I think about things...random things. Disclaimer: I am very happy with where I am and who I'm with. B is my person, there is no denying that. Vader and I wouldn't have made it if we had tried to stay together. (Think, "Don't cross the streams" bad)

But still...Have you ever gone back to where you were before and found that nothing's changed and that the same people are still there, doing the same make the reason you just left still valid. I did that recently. Nothing dramatic, just back to a message board I used to post on. What I found was the same people, talking about the same things, in the same ways. No one really missed me. Most of them that I wanted to keep track of (or who wanted to keep track of me) were friends of mine on Facebook. But what I really discovered was that I didn't miss it, because along with all of the names I recognized was some of the names that I got tired of listening to, hence why I left.  I had heard that someone we used to post with had passed away and that made me sad, she was always nice to me on-line.

Some people say that you can't have real friends over the internet. I disagree. Yes, it is easier to lie to people. Easier to be mean to people and easier to have an over-inflated sense of self (I really feel like I should link to some you tube video here but I've got nothin) But for some, it's easier to be themselves. I guess that is what draws people to places like message boards and what can drive them from them...

So, we'll try this again tomorrow when hopefully my PC won't be a jerk...and maybe, just maybe you'll have read what I rambled about...


Please note that this post was supposed to be posted in May 2012, but for some reason (i.e. I forgot to post it) it didn't get posted but here it is anyway cause well since I wrote it you should get to read it right? 

Okay yes I know, I think I've used that as the title of a blog post before but today deserves it. Today was the day from HELL. In case you don't know, Hell is a small place in the Islands with a gift shop a post office and black rocks...HELL, however has lots of not so nice things and where today was currently residing. 
So at the start of today everything was normal. I took H to school and headed to Wal-Greens to pick up a couple of things before work. Just happened to check my bank balance (I love my bank's mobile app) and notice that there is not as much money in there as there should be. After I check the transactions I see two transactions labeled something about iTunes...hmm, says I...I don't buy anything from iTunes and when I do I use an iTunes gift card...

Well yup, you guessed it. My ATM card was hacked by some asshats somewhere that thought they could steal my money. Now, I don't have much money to begin with...My bank is a wonderful place that not only gave me back my money quickly, but also reversed a couple of bounce charges as a result of said asshats and their taking of what wasn't theirs. 

The only thing that I had a problem with was the dealing without a ATM card for 7-10 days...I HATE carrying cash, more over I hate grocery shopping with cash...but hey it's only Wal-Mart right...wish me luck and until next time....