Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Wonders of Dating

Okay so as we all know I'm attempting to date. Attempting would be the oportative word. What is it with these guys anyway?

Here's the story, I'm talking to this guy right. Emails and on-line chats were good so we moved to a phone call. Here's where we crashed and burned. Now let me just put this disclaminer here: I'm pretty up front about my what my job is and my education goal. Since I'm in school and it takes time that could be spent with a potential boyfriend I feel I need to be.

So with that being said back to the converstation last night. It was going along well until he asked about school and I told him that I was working on my MBA. The responce I got was "Well, then you won't want anything to do with me because I only have a high school deploma." What!! I am not one of those people that judge. College isn't for everyone and I do not look down on people. The conversation went down hill after that and ended. But I mean there was no other place for it to go with him being all down on himself for not being "as educated as I am" and yes those were his words. He's right, at this point I don't want anything to do with him since he has such a low opinion of himself.

Okay well, onward. Ciao till next time luvs.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Dates

Okay So I finally did it, six months after the life altering disaster that was the end of my relationship with who I thought was the love of my life (till they told me "They just didn't fall in love with me") I have finally jumped back into the scene again.

Wow I gotta tell you this is scary to be doing. First you have the normal dating sites that you hear about all over the TV and radio. Yes, ladies and gentleman, step right up!! Give us $50.00 a month and we will help you find true love. There is no refund if it doesn't work and there are no guarantees that you will find someone that you really like. Then there are some free sites that you have no clue are out there till you hear it from a friend of a friend who's sister tried it. In my case, it was part of my interweb family, So I signed up.

So tonight was the first date with one guy, lets call him, D1. There is more then one with the first initial D so they are labeled accordingly. I had fun with D1. He's funny, we have some things in common and he makes me laugh. He's a pretty good kisser too. Kinda caught me off guard with the first kiss, but that is okay, I sometimes like surprises. So I think that maybe we'll have a date II, we'll see if he text's me tomorrow.

Stay tuned, Ciao for now.