Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Therapy, Try it weekly, it's good for you.

As I said in my mini-update last night, we had therapy today. It was however, not the family session that I thought it was going to be. Spawn has the choice if I go into session with her. She chose no this time but did give Ms Therapist permission to tell me what they talked about. This in itself is progress. I really like Ms Therapist. She can tell when Spawn is feeling her a total line of BS and calls her on it. Spawn however hates that part. Something in the last couple of weeks however has seemed to make a difference. I don't know if it was the summer dance classes and the knowledge that she is going to dance in the fall, if it was the removal of the Intuniv and it's side effect with her of increased aggression, if it was the fact that we got two weeks alone together while my roomies were away. If it was all of those things combined. Whatever it was, she had a good session today.

Ms Therapist started out by asking if all of us were going to have session, when Spawn said no, she said "Okay then I need to talk to Mom first" Usually this starts a melt down. Spawn does not like hates when we talk without her. It usually results in her screaming like a banshee having a major melt down. Today, she said "Okay Ms Therapist." and sat back down. When we came back 10 minutes later she was sitting in the same place, waiting like a good child. I was so very proud. I know a few of you that read this will understand the Mom Moment I had. Then she went in and they did their thing. I read a chapter in my homework on financial statements (exciting right?)

Our assignment this week is to use feeling words instead of becoming the child from hell having a melt down. Most weeks we have at least one melt down right after therapy, today however, Spawn said "Mom, I'm very frustrated that we can't go to Friendly's for ice cream today." (sigh) I was so proud. More on this as we progress.


  1. What a great moment!

    That's just... fantastic. :D

    Hugs to both of you,

    Been there

  2. Proud mamma moments are the best. :)