Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

There are alot of people that think that Halloween is a bad thing. Okay well maybe they are right. Getting kids high on sugar does have after effects and I am coming to appreciate this wisdom now that I am a parent. However I remember getting to go trick or treating with my mom and she dressed up right along with me. So tonight on All Hollows Eve I am contunig the tradition that I was taught and I am dressing up right along with my spawn to take her trick or treating. Hopefully it will increase her candy intake so she can share with me. One day when she has her own children she too will be able to look back and remember what her mom did with her like I can do with mine and it will help to make her a better parent as it has done me.

We tried pumpkin carving this year, it was my roomie's idea. This is a picture of the little pumpkins that my nephew, my spawn and I did. I really liked this way better. Carving the real thing was gooey and messy and icky but it was really cool at the end.

I hope every one has a happy and safe Halloween, Blessed Be and remember do as ye will and harm ye none.
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  1. I met a jay lee once.....
    She was Awesome!

  2. I didn't go trick or treating with my daughter on Halloween, I went to a bachelorette party so my sister took her out with my niece, but we went to a party on Friday night at her day care and went trick or treating in the classrooms. She had a blast and is apparently very popular.

    Yesterday I went through all of her candy so that I could seperate the choking hazards from what she could eat, and I'm only allowing her one piece of candy a day. Yes, she hates this, but I'm the mom and what I say goes. She's just lucky that I'm not big on sweets, or she probably wouldn't have any candy by the end of the week.

  3. I did the "Candy Picking" on Sunday, we got lucky though and didn't get alot of bad candy.