Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ton of Bricks

Okay, so it's been a bad week.

I thought that after last night that it might get a little better. I got to talk to my ex-boyfriend/former best friend. It was good since we haven't talked in a little while and it seemed like there might be an opening for some friendship like stuff. Who knows, we'll see.

Fast foward to today, things are going along when the phone rings at work....Now normally this is not something that is going to bring doom and distruction, well sometimes but....I wasn't expecting what I got.

Seems one of my co-workers passed away this morning. Just dropped dead at the Dr's office. So as I'm sitting back trying to process this, the phone rings again....this time not such bad news but disappointing all the same. Now in a 5 minute period there is only so much the human brain can process. However that particular 5 minutes was more then I could handle. So when someone dies like that it just leaves you shocked. So I'm still processing everything. I'm sure after I finish processing I might have something more to say.

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