Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So I find myself here again. After many months of not blogging because I forgot or I was tired or I just didn't effing want to. Whatever the reason, here I am...I feel like there should be some music here. Alas I have none..

So here we are, you who is reading the pointless words that I am writing. Perhaps, you like me, have gone searching for answers, and in some hopeful nature you think that you might find them with other bloggers...Well, there aren't any here. I have no answers. This bothers me on a daily basis that I don't and I'm not coming to terms with it in anyway, at all.

While I'm not coming to terms with stuff I've been reading...Advice columns, news papers, books, blogs..,.

I suggest heading over to  The Bloggess and reading her blog. Hey buy her book too, it will provide you with hours of endless humor.  

For books, I fell to peer pressure and read the Hunger Games, I even saw the movie (I know, my boyfriend and I did manage a date between shows and rehearsals, this does happen every few months) Little disappointed in the treatment of a couple of things in the movie but I think it had wonderful casting.

I've been watching a excessive amount of Food Network...Chopped is my the point where the dear roomies have suggested I start a food blog...I'm mulling that over so stay tuned.

Back to the Bloggess again for a minute. Funny, true story. My roomie P was cackling quite loud one I went to see what was that damn funny. Now usually it's some dumbass video on YouTube that he's watching but that night it was Copernicus, now I found this even funnier then he did, mostly because in my office at work I have a sign about Flying Monkeys and I have a Flying Monkey that it kinda like a slingshot that screams when you throw him. It kind of made my night so much that I had to show Copernicus to Spawn. Spawn in her 10 year old wisdom said "Gosh mom, he looks like he fell face first on the beach and it just stayed"

So advice columns, those can be a funny read. Sometimes you really have to wonder, just how messed up these peoples decision making skills are if they have to write in for some of this stuff. The comments are even better. It's like a open fourm in real time. Oddly enough, I know some of the commenters in real life so it enhances my entertainment value.

So I hope in some way if you're reading this you've at least smiled. If you haven't, I've given you a link to a blog where it is a guarantee and if not then I will see about borrowing Copernicus to give you a hug. :) The thought of that made me smile. So I'm going to figure out what to do with this dear blog, I'm open to suggestions...if anyone is still reading that is. let me know.

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