Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I think it's time for some redirection here in my little blogworld. That sounds like some kind of freaky theme park doesn't it? Well as long as I don't have a homicidal clown (yes, I've been on the Simpsons ride too many times) we're good. So as I was saying, redirection. Right now, my poor blog is just kinda hanging out here with no where to go and nothing for you wonderful people to read. Hell, I don't even know if anyone is bothering to read anymore...

But, that's the point, I want you to read, to talk back even...Although I'm sure, just like with my kid, I should be careful what I ask for. So, we are going to change things up just a little. I should be going into this with some kind of plan but well...I can never stick to those. Kinda like a diet, I get bored. Speaking of diets, I'm not on one but I am using this great app on my phone to log what I eat. It's making me realize that I eat crap...Mission accomplished. I am however trying to change that so I'm sure you will be hearing about my craving for fried foods and my sudden interest in donuts.

So feel free to comment, although I don't think any of you are out there anymore (it would be great if you were)..,.No subject is off limits anymore, however names might be changes to protect the guilty, or just because I feel like it.

Oh I almost forgot, new blog I've found this week...told you I've been reading (and it's been more then just Hunger Games and Harry Potter) A Beautiful Mess Inside Go check this out, she's awesome.


  1. I just discovered you and OMG, I think I have a girlcrush (which is odd 'cuz I'm so totally hetero, I'm practically a gay man)!!! Are you my long-lost sister?!? I swear you must be. I almost convinced myself for half a second that this blog was written by ME in the future!

    That said, you're an awesome writer. Please don't stop!

    1. Hmm... not sure why that says I'm "Unknown." I know who I am, doesn't everybody?