Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two Days till Christmas

Or two sleeps till Christmas as my girl Moos Mamma say. I like how she puts it. Makes it sound more...I don't know exactly, just better. Right now, I'm on VACATION!!! Vacation from work and a break from school, YAY!! I so needed this time. Spawn and I are going to spend all next week together.

There hasn't been too much going on. Things with DiNozzo are amazing. He and Spawn get along and that is awesome. Things are fairly quite from the Empire, aside from not paying his child support. I guess because Spawn won't talk to him when he bother's to call he feels that he shouldn't obey a court order. Here's hoping that changes soon.

So here we are racing toward Christmas, all the cookies are baked, all the presents are almost bought and despite everything it's going to be an amazing Christmas. I get to spend it with my closest friends and family, my spawn and my sweetie.

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