Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Next Weekend

So last weekend was fricking amazing and I thought it just doesn't get any better then this. Then we came to this weekend....and it got better. Wow, for the first time in a long time, things are awesome. Okay seriously there are still some things that suck but I feel like I have a life again and that I can manage the insane roller coaster that is my normal every day existence. So this weekend was:


I had the day off and I had a friend in town (Love you T) so we went to Universal. I had fun just chilling and roaming around. That night, we got together with some of our other friends (Much love to C, D, and S who came to hang out with us, and D via text message) and had drinks and good times. (Damn I can't tell you how much I needed that) The legend of the four brunettes and their pimp daddy was born. (G)

Saturday :

After catching a few hours sleep from Friday night, I went and picked up my spawn from her sleep over at G-Ma's house and we ran to La Mart of Wally because like the true slacker I am I so forgot to get the present for the b-day party we were going to this afternoon. So present bought, it was off to the jumpy place for a party with the spawn, and 12 other kids that were there to jump around for J-man's b-day. (J-man is my friend A's son) So, while at the jumpy place I got to catch up with my friend M since we don't see each other often. It was nice to hang out for a while and watch the kids play,

Side note about the jumpy place: You don't realize how loud some kids can scream until you put them on a coaster or put them around a big jumpy thing....oy vey.


Plans for tomorrow include laundry, homework and just general resting.

Next weekend: 3 Doors Down at Universal!!!!

I am so loving life right now....oh and another side note, I did get to catch up with the hottie I'm crushing on this weekend. I love crushes. One of my friends once told me about the concept of PEA (the chemical in your brain that releases during the early stages of a relationship) I have to tell you it's a great feeling, the bright, shiny phase. Well, there ya go, I'm just happy crushing and it's all good. Sometimes it seems like my hottie is crushing back too, eh who knows if I'm just seeing it because I want to see it. I guess we'll see. :-)

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