Monday, August 17, 2009

And just when I thought life was getting back to normal...

So I'm trying to become a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" Sometimes I can see the reason, sometimes, more often then not really, I have no fucking clue as to what the possible reason could be.

This happens in my life, my work, you name it. True story, I started talking to a guy. I thought he was a really cool guy. We had an awesome "first date" I guess you would call it. Well, it was awesome to me, he seemed to agree with me or so he said. So awesome first date. Happen to be seen by one of my co-workers, who later asked me about it. So I dished some vague details, name, just started talking. Nothing major. Co-worker in turn told someone else, normally not a big deal but they called me on it like a week later. Okay so whatever, I mean really I'm friends with this person too. So during the course of conversation it comes out that the guy is on my Face Book. Now, I have almost 200 people on my Face Book, I mean really, ya know. But my "friend" says "Maybe I should go and friend request him." To which I replied "No, don't do that." You would think that if someone was your friend they would listen to you. But she did it anyway and when I called her on it the reply was "I just couldn't help myself."

So this happens to coincide with apparently things going crazy where he works and communication between him and I falling off. So needless to say I was in a word, confused. And in another word, pissed. Confused, because I couldn't figure out why he wasn't talking to me so I asked. Pissed because my "friend" did something that I asked her not to do and what I saw as a violation of the girl code.

So now I'm lost, I have to try to express my feelings to my "friend" in a manner that will be understood. I really need a way to get my point across without having to slap her with a clue bat and ask what in the hell she was thinking. I mean I guess she was trying to be helpful but really, I didn't want the help.

And on the other hand I have to figure out if the guy I was "talking" to is being straight with me about why we haven't been talking. I mean I really don't want to jump to conclusions and I don't want to come off sounding like a jealous idiot since I mean really it's only been one date and a few conversations. I would rather just talk to him and say like so, do we still have something here or is what we thought we had over. So in that respect I'm just kinda waiting. I mean, I hope he's mature enough at his age that if he's just not that into me anymore he would just say that.

At the end of the day whatcha gonna do right?


  1. So you think your guy was put off by the fact that your friend friend-requested him on FB? Is that what he said about why he hasn't been in touch? Sorry, I'm trying to follow all the characters in the story...

    Love the new, easy-on-the-eyes background, btw. :)

  2. I'm not sure, it could be that he's just been busy with work....which is what he told me.

    But, it might have been just a happenstance that these two things happened at the same time. I just don't know yet.

  3. Repeat after me: Boy are stoopid.

    Trouble is... we're stoopider.

    Love you, honey!!!

  4. Boys are stoopid.....

    LOL Love you too dear

  5. Seems to me that by 32 you kids should be able to get your shit together enough to figure out. Its a fricking date! Look, you know I respect all you girls, but 'cmone! This is the stuff of 7th graders not adults. Just ask him already, if he aint got an answer then forget him, he aint mature enough. Quit basing your lives on FB and twitter and whatever the hell else there is out there.

    I dont have a FB page but I got 200,000 friends not on it! I sometimes have to pull my profile cause of all the crazies.

    Its no wonder I cant get a date, I got no Inet crap to offer.

    Nice blog though!

  6. LMAO RACE, Damn I love you man. You crack me up. Actually, I'm pretty straight forward about this kind of stuff. I'm sending an email this week sometime to ask. I mean really, ya know.