Monday, January 16, 2012

Holy Mother of God and all her crazy nephews...

Things have been happening lately that has made me say "WTF are you thinking!! shocked me. I can not share the all of the specific details just yet, but I will say that my carefully placed snow-globe was turned upside down, shaken (not stirred) and then plopped back down.

Okay, we'll start with the obvious in case those of you out there in blog land are worried, no I have not lost my job (thank goodness) I'm not getting married (although we are doing fine and our year anniversary was in Oct) and nothing has happened to Spawn.

There that about covers what hasn't happened. What has happened is going to be an adventure, although it's not mine to travel it has the potential to completely turn my world upside down. To put it mildly this is going to take a lot of therapy. I'm worried on the potential effect that this is going to have on Spawn. What I can tell you is that the Empire has return to the sector of the Galaxy. So far she's refusing to see Vader and somehow that's my fault. Pushing her to see him/talk to him causes negative reactions. I pushed her to talk to him both days this weekend and last night for the first time in a long time she wet the bed. Good thing we have therapy tomorrow....perhaps she can tell me how to move forward with this. This is so hard sometimes. When they have issues...well what are you going to do right?

I guess you just hold on and work to make it better because it really does get better.

Till next time... 

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