Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Evil that Men Do....

Here we are at Sept 11 again. There was a time when this date meant nothing to the country, to the world. It was not a symbol. At best in my little corner of the Universe it was one of my friend's birthday. In 2001 someone made the decision that needed to change and like several other dates before it, Sept 11 is now burned into our minds.

When the towers fell so did more then just two buildings. For those of us that were watchings, that remember, will never forget what we were doing. I've often heard of people talk of when JFK was shot and what they were doing when they heard the news when he died or when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. I was only a child but I still remember being home sick from school and watching the launch on TV and seeing the shuttle blow up.

Sept 11, 2001 was completely normal. I was heading out to audit at one of our facilities in another city. During the 45 min drive I was listening to the local morning show banter when it changed. One of the hosts went silent, then started talking about "it looked like something out of a movie, but it was real" I had missed exactly what they were talking about. It wasn't until I got to my destination that I found out exactly what I had been listening to. Then it really hit me, one of my best friends had called me from the City the day before and said something about WTC, there was no getting through on the phones though. Later when the second tower fell I called my then boyfriend Vader to tell him what was happening, He had worked the night shift the day before and was sleeping most of the day. Because I was pregnant with Spawn at the time we sat there when I got home from work and watched the news footage. I recall asking him what kind of world we were bringing our child into.

Now all these years later, I'm still not sure

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