Friday, January 8, 2010

It's effing cold and why do they keep saying "snow" and "Florida" in the same sentence

Hey so we're in the new year and lots of wonderful things are happening.....Um, ya I want to talk to the writers of this damn soap opera cause we need a better story line. If I was writing it, we wouldn't be too hot and wouldn't be too cold somewhere around 70ish would be good. I would have a mega hottie for a love interest that adored me and a bad boy on the side vying for my attention and I would be no bigger then a size 10. Oh and I forgot the amazing job that pays more then enough to pay all the bill and have money for random trips to NYC when I wanted. Yup ladies and gentlemen, that's my dream life.

Reality Check is that I'm really a 18 and shrinking (it's better then the 20 I was last year), there is no one except my friends and my spawn that adores me and no one vying for my attention, the job is okay and deals with the bills but there are no trips to NYC at random and right now it's fricking cold. At least we have heat at work again. The week of Christmas the heat went out at work, now I didn't think much of it since I was on vacation but damn it was cold the beginning of this week when I came back and there was still no heat. We got heat back yesterday. So tomorrow it's supposed to have a high of 30. I live in the middle of Florida and the high is supposed to be 30.......They said snow and Florida in the same sentence twice this week... I gotta tell you I'm good with just cold, I don't do snow unless I'm just visiting it. I live in Florida for a reason.

Well that is all the happening, oh and my next semester is starting on Monday......I have 6 more classes after this to finish my Master's. YIPPY!!!!!! Look for more "OMG" updates over the next 8 weeks as I enter a semester from hell.

Ciao for now Luvs.


  1. Hang in there, babygirl!!!!

    The sweetest prize is the one we have to dig through the most shit to get to!!!!

  2. I'm hangin, I'm hoping by this time next year to be a 16 and I know I'll almost be done with school. YAY