Sunday, January 17, 2010

Black and Gold

Okay so in a stunning victory of 45-14 My New Orleans Saints have beaten the Cardinals and advanced to the next and final round of the play off's where they will meet the Vikings (who beat the Cowboys today) next weekend. For the second time that I remember the Saints are poised to go to the the Super Bowl. The last time they were defeated by the Bears. This time the Vikings stand in the way of the trip to Miami. I know that next weekend I will be on the edge of my seat as I watch Drew Brees attempt to lead the team I have loved and cheered for my whole life to their first super Bowl appearance.

I wish my Dad was alive to see it. Although a native of New York, he always watched the Saints, usually didn't have anything good to say about the number of games that were lost every year and how they didn't know how to play football. He always laughed at me when I was a kid putting aside my dolls to watch football. Never agreeing on the same teams, and never agreeing about the Saints.

Well this seems to be their year, and as I hope for victory next weekend and a trip to the Super Bowl, if we don't make it there is always next season. As most people from New Orleans, I was born a Saints fan, I'll die a Saints fan and it was never about the number of games won or lost but the heart of a team that is connected to the heart of a city that will always be home. Geaux Saints

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  1. You know that the Bears are my team. But in their absence from the post-season, I've transfered my affection to the Saints.

    I really really really hope they beat the pants off the Vikings.

    Not least because I. Hate. The. Vikings. So. Much.

    Though... as a friend pointed out, the one good thing about the Vikings potentially winning the Super Bowl would be that maybe - just maybe - Favre would actually retire.

    But I'd still rather see them get their asses handed to them.

    Who dat?! Go Saints!!!!