Thursday, September 3, 2009


Okay someone please explain to me why people suck so damn bad?? So here we go. If asked a direct question, you would expect a direct answer right? Oh hell to the no, that would be too effing much like right. 
So, this guy started talking to me, and everything was okay for a time. We had a date and it seemed okay. So ya know I'm thinking that maybe this might go to a second date. Oh holy shit I thought about a second date, effing sue my dumb ass. So he goes from massive communication to none....okay, this is strange. So I ask, is there a reason we're not talking. I get the work excuse. "I've been really busy at work." I get how that can be so ya know. I don't think too much of it. We talk a few times, exchange a few texts, and I'm thinking ya know I should ask like what is going on. So I send the what the hell email. 
Okay so I don't word it like that, I'm a little nicer. I basically say that if he's just not that into me anymore, could he just tell me that. I get a response back of more work issues. No real answer to my question, just that. So I get another call later on in the week and I ask straight out, so like am I ever going to see you again? And he's like ya, when I get the work stuff straightened out. 
So today, I get word from a mutual friend that he says he's just not that into me. So ya jackass, I got your message, you could have told me your damn self. I can't stand guys that say, "Communication and honesty are really big things to me" and then pull this shit. Stop effing lying. I don't give two shits that he didn't want to date me, I'm more pissed that he couldn't tell me that. I'm so glad that I don't deserve that damn respect to my damn face. There is a text, phone call, email, or effing face book (well not anymore because I removed him from my friends) he could have told me and what's worse is I asked. 
Oh well, I don't have time for this shit. I have homework to do and a kid to feed and an audit to finish and all that other shit that I do with my life. Who needs one jerk that is going to waste my damn time. Besides I'm sure that there will be someone else that comes along, there always is.


  1. I don't know what to say except that guy really sucks. Sorry he was such a douchebag to you, sweetie. Hugs.

  2. Oh how familiar...

    Ugh. I'm sorry, honey.

    I don't get it either. Don't these dumbasses get it that a simple, straight-forward rejection is MUCH better than to be left hanging.

    HIS LOSS!!!

    And I don't mean that it's his loss for not dating you - you can't help who you like - but his loss of a very cool, very sweet friend!!!!

  3. Right, I mean damn. I'm more pissed that I asked the question last week and got a effed up answer then I am about him not wanting to date me.

    I mean really, I was kinda over wanting to date him but damn be a man and step the hell up and be honest at least right.

  4. I hear ya, JayLee. It's especially bad/annoying when it comes from someone who purports to have mad communication skillz. At least you found out after one date instead of 5 of 10? What a dick. I'd rather a guy go radio silent on me than string me along with emails, etc. when he's not actually interested.

  5. Sorry to hear it. Its just one of those things, as a guy I can say I've been down this road more times than I can count. Its an immature game that both sexes play. Good for it to be over. Next time, just don't even send a text or call a guy who doesnt text or call you first and say "hey, I liked that first date, lets do it again"-Rational

  6. Hey Rational, Glad to see you made it to my blogness....

    Oh I had the "let's do it again" communication from him after.....that's why all of this is mad stoopid. Eh, live and learn I guess.

  7. That happened to me. Things were going great, then he stopped calling me and unfriended me. I didn't even bother trying to figure out why, it just wasn't worth my time. Sometimes guys suck, but there are the few out there that are absolutely amazing and I'm sure you'll find him. :-)

  8. Haha! Remember "Emergency Call" guy?

    That doosh was a frickin' social worker! You'd think HE'D know how to effing communicate!



  9. I am happy to say that I did the unfriending this time. Usually I do the "Oh I'll just wait and see" I really think that Ty broke my bullshit tolerance level.

    Oh wait, I have the best phrase for this...."My giveadamn is busted"