Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Wonders of Dating

Okay so as we all know I'm attempting to date. Attempting would be the oportative word. What is it with these guys anyway?

Here's the story, I'm talking to this guy right. Emails and on-line chats were good so we moved to a phone call. Here's where we crashed and burned. Now let me just put this disclaminer here: I'm pretty up front about my what my job is and my education goal. Since I'm in school and it takes time that could be spent with a potential boyfriend I feel I need to be.

So with that being said back to the converstation last night. It was going along well until he asked about school and I told him that I was working on my MBA. The responce I got was "Well, then you won't want anything to do with me because I only have a high school deploma." What!! I am not one of those people that judge. College isn't for everyone and I do not look down on people. The conversation went down hill after that and ended. But I mean there was no other place for it to go with him being all down on himself for not being "as educated as I am" and yes those were his words. He's right, at this point I don't want anything to do with him since he has such a low opinion of himself.

Okay well, onward. Ciao till next time luvs.

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  1. Oy! And you KNOW that he's thinking: Things crashed and burned b/c she's an over-educated snob who won't want me b/c I don't have a degree!

    For the record, B doesn't have a degree. (I have a Masters) and it doesn't matter at all.

    The difference is that he isn't embarrassed about it as this guy obviously is.