Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm still here....

Okay, so the jist of the last almost year is this...

In February right before H's birthday I was hit by a truck. This is not a metaphor for anything, I think it was a Silveradro (or however you spell it) actually or maybe a F150 but it was a truck. The little dude that was driving said truck at 600 pm one fine Florida evening was, well he was drunk. Guess that's why he ran into me. So my whole "let's blog more often in the coming year" promise to myself that I made went the way of my left collar bone..broken.

Also in this time frame of being broke and battered by a truck (I know it's an often used phrase but until you've really been hit by a truck you have no idea and should really stop saying it, just sayin) I moved. Yes, after a 10 year relationship with my awesome rommies, we broke up. Now, as far as break ups go it was prolly one of the best ones yet. We're all still friends and such and no one hates anyone. It was just time to see what B and I could do with this and well for me to stop hiding behind the safety net of home.

It really had become a safety net and a trap for me. I didn't have to put too much out there ya know, I could just stay in my little shell (shy turtle) and use the convenient excuse "well I have roommates"  Yes, sneaky turtle too...So I moved, while broken...I recommend that about as much as I recommend getting hit by the truck (which, in case you missed it, is not at all)  and so far it's...well...I like that he's next to me each night.

Moving on-H is starting middle school...and as the war drums beat and the hormones start raging I'm scared to death. If any of you that actually read this have or have had middle schoolers and have any words of wisdom, please leave them below. In related new, H in her rather princess like way told Vader to kiss off. Apparently he pissed her off with his girlfriend's kids and now regardless of what I do/say/try will not see or speak to him. Not so oddly, she's been doing a lot better since. The great and wonderful wizard of child support finally caught up with Vader and is now excising their right to send me part of his check. He, however is trying to play it off like this is something he's doing willingly. Whatever helps you sleep at night dude...

Theater is still full of drama...okay that was lame, however in my last post I mentioned that I had done my first lead role. I was given the best actress award for it at the theater's annual awards show. My sweetie also directed his first show this season and also won for best director so I was uber proud.

You know how sometimes you run across things and you look back and you never saw yourself getting to where you are. That was kinda deep wasn't...I guess that's where I am. I didn't see myself a year ago, or even in September at the time of my last post, where I am now. Guess it just proves that you really never can tell what's going to happen. Till next time.

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  1. OMG you were hit by a truck? Holy hannah ! How did I miss that... oh, right... i've been living in self absorbed land for some time I hope you are doing okay... Just wanted to check in and say hey... and to say I was thinking of you and your girl : )