Friday, July 15, 2011


Wow, it’s been about 6 months since I posted…

There has been so much that has happened in that time that I just got lost somewhere in living and forgot to come back and update. First let me congratulate MooNBeansMama on the pending arrival of Bean. I’m so happy for her. It’s always encouraging to see awesome things happen to good people. She’s due in Feb right before Spawn’s birthday. (Which is an awesome time to have a baby if I do say so myself)

Okay so on to the update… Spawn has finished 3 rd grade with honor roll of course. She did wonderfully well with her school work and passed the FCAT with a 4 in both subjects. For those of you that are not in Florida, the FCAT is this god awful test that has to be taken by the kids here. Everyone I know hates it and I know that my Spawn was so nervous before it that it was crazy. So in August we’re going to 4 th grade. She did AMAZING in dance and we’re going to be doing that again next season as well. There have been no more issues since we had her medication straightened out and there has been a noticeable decrease in anger outbursts in the last 6 months. That has at least given me a small break and we have been able to resume normal activities. Child support is still an issue, I talk to Vader from time to time and he was in town for Spawn’s dance recital. Maybe one day he’ll be able to make payments, till then I pay everything myself and get pissed about it…

Let’s see, for my update…January to May was the worst 16 weeks of my life but I GRADUATED!!!! Yes, you read that right, I finished my MBA!!! I meant to write a post right after graduation but I have been on a 2 month boycott of my computer. Going to school on-line does that to a person. The show I did at the theater I belong to had their award ceremony last month andi I won an award for the role that I portrayed. That show will always be special because I met my sweetie during it. Speaking of my sweetie; today is 9 months for us. I’m rather proud of myself that we’ve made it to 9 months and we still like each other. I’m just as crazy about him now as I was when I first met him…well that isn’t exactly true. I think I’m even crazier about him. I’m such a sap really… but I fell and I fell hard. Okay there I said it. I think that I am most amazed every day by the fact that he and Spawn get along so well. It’s wonderful to watch the two of them, and to spend time with both of them and not have to worry about always getting a sitter.

In other news, work’s still crazy but then hence the title of the blog. We are trying to do the best we can in an uncertain time in a state that is even more uncertain about funding for such services, but this is not the place to go into politics. We have been going completely crazy busy for the past few months with a new billing system and I have implemented a new auditing system. Every day I think “What in the name of hell were we thinking?” “This is going to get better…” I keep waiting and hoping and working for it.

Okay so that is the update, I promise it will not be 6 months till the next one. Thanks to Jeff Rivera at for the email yesterday. I appreciate your reading and your email reminded me that I need to get back to this.
Till next time Ciao

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