Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm still here....

Okay, so the jist of the last almost year is this...

In February right before H's birthday I was hit by a truck. This is not a metaphor for anything, I think it was a Silveradro (or however you spell it) actually or maybe a F150 but it was a truck. The little dude that was driving said truck at 600 pm one fine Florida evening was, well he was drunk. Guess that's why he ran into me. So my whole "let's blog more often in the coming year" promise to myself that I made went the way of my left collar bone..broken.

Also in this time frame of being broke and battered by a truck (I know it's an often used phrase but until you've really been hit by a truck you have no idea and should really stop saying it, just sayin) I moved. Yes, after a 10 year relationship with my awesome rommies, we broke up. Now, as far as break ups go it was prolly one of the best ones yet. We're all still friends and such and no one hates anyone. It was just time to see what B and I could do with this and well for me to stop hiding behind the safety net of home.

It really had become a safety net and a trap for me. I didn't have to put too much out there ya know, I could just stay in my little shell (shy turtle) and use the convenient excuse "well I have roommates"  Yes, sneaky turtle too...So I moved, while broken...I recommend that about as much as I recommend getting hit by the truck (which, in case you missed it, is not at all)  and so far it's...well...I like that he's next to me each night.

Moving on-H is starting middle school...and as the war drums beat and the hormones start raging I'm scared to death. If any of you that actually read this have or have had middle schoolers and have any words of wisdom, please leave them below. In related new, H in her rather princess like way told Vader to kiss off. Apparently he pissed her off with his girlfriend's kids and now regardless of what I do/say/try will not see or speak to him. Not so oddly, she's been doing a lot better since. The great and wonderful wizard of child support finally caught up with Vader and is now excising their right to send me part of his check. He, however is trying to play it off like this is something he's doing willingly. Whatever helps you sleep at night dude...

Theater is still full of drama...okay that was lame, however in my last post I mentioned that I had done my first lead role. I was given the best actress award for it at the theater's annual awards show. My sweetie also directed his first show this season and also won for best director so I was uber proud.

You know how sometimes you run across things and you look back and you never saw yourself getting to where you are. That was kinda deep wasn't...I guess that's where I am. I didn't see myself a year ago, or even in September at the time of my last post, where I am now. Guess it just proves that you really never can tell what's going to happen. Till next time.

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Still Crazy

So here we are again. I can't tell you when I last posted nor do you care. What matters is, I'm posting again. For some reason I have to do this from my phone because my pc is stupid...I tried to get to my blog and it said no...what an ass it's been lately...I'll try again tomorrow when I just might post again.
So, here's what's new...nothing. Oh wait, that's not true. I did a show. My first lead, Ken Ludwig's The Fox on the Fairway. I was Pamela. Very funny show, great cast and I got to be on stage with my honey again. What more can one ask for...well, getting paid would have been something more but alas this was community theater.

H is in 5th grade now and still's her 3rd year. I just might get bold and post a picture. She's doing better since the Empire fell and Vader has returned somewhat to the good side of the Force...I wonder though if a Sith can ever really change his side of the Force. For now it's okay. He's even trying to pay his support like he's supposed to...How about that...The more time I spend with H and Vader the more I think about things...random things. Disclaimer: I am very happy with where I am and who I'm with. B is my person, there is no denying that. Vader and I wouldn't have made it if we had tried to stay together. (Think, "Don't cross the streams" bad)

But still...Have you ever gone back to where you were before and found that nothing's changed and that the same people are still there, doing the same make the reason you just left still valid. I did that recently. Nothing dramatic, just back to a message board I used to post on. What I found was the same people, talking about the same things, in the same ways. No one really missed me. Most of them that I wanted to keep track of (or who wanted to keep track of me) were friends of mine on Facebook. But what I really discovered was that I didn't miss it, because along with all of the names I recognized was some of the names that I got tired of listening to, hence why I left.  I had heard that someone we used to post with had passed away and that made me sad, she was always nice to me on-line.

Some people say that you can't have real friends over the internet. I disagree. Yes, it is easier to lie to people. Easier to be mean to people and easier to have an over-inflated sense of self (I really feel like I should link to some you tube video here but I've got nothin) But for some, it's easier to be themselves. I guess that is what draws people to places like message boards and what can drive them from them...

So, we'll try this again tomorrow when hopefully my PC won't be a jerk...and maybe, just maybe you'll have read what I rambled about...


Please note that this post was supposed to be posted in May 2012, but for some reason (i.e. I forgot to post it) it didn't get posted but here it is anyway cause well since I wrote it you should get to read it right? 

Okay yes I know, I think I've used that as the title of a blog post before but today deserves it. Today was the day from HELL. In case you don't know, Hell is a small place in the Islands with a gift shop a post office and black rocks...HELL, however has lots of not so nice things and where today was currently residing. 
So at the start of today everything was normal. I took H to school and headed to Wal-Greens to pick up a couple of things before work. Just happened to check my bank balance (I love my bank's mobile app) and notice that there is not as much money in there as there should be. After I check the transactions I see two transactions labeled something about iTunes...hmm, says I...I don't buy anything from iTunes and when I do I use an iTunes gift card...

Well yup, you guessed it. My ATM card was hacked by some asshats somewhere that thought they could steal my money. Now, I don't have much money to begin with...My bank is a wonderful place that not only gave me back my money quickly, but also reversed a couple of bounce charges as a result of said asshats and their taking of what wasn't theirs. 

The only thing that I had a problem with was the dealing without a ATM card for 7-10 days...I HATE carrying cash, more over I hate grocery shopping with cash...but hey it's only Wal-Mart right...wish me luck and until next time....


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I think it's time for some redirection here in my little blogworld. That sounds like some kind of freaky theme park doesn't it? Well as long as I don't have a homicidal clown (yes, I've been on the Simpsons ride too many times) we're good. So as I was saying, redirection. Right now, my poor blog is just kinda hanging out here with no where to go and nothing for you wonderful people to read. Hell, I don't even know if anyone is bothering to read anymore...

But, that's the point, I want you to read, to talk back even...Although I'm sure, just like with my kid, I should be careful what I ask for. So, we are going to change things up just a little. I should be going into this with some kind of plan but well...I can never stick to those. Kinda like a diet, I get bored. Speaking of diets, I'm not on one but I am using this great app on my phone to log what I eat. It's making me realize that I eat crap...Mission accomplished. I am however trying to change that so I'm sure you will be hearing about my craving for fried foods and my sudden interest in donuts.

So feel free to comment, although I don't think any of you are out there anymore (it would be great if you were)..,.No subject is off limits anymore, however names might be changes to protect the guilty, or just because I feel like it.

Oh I almost forgot, new blog I've found this week...told you I've been reading (and it's been more then just Hunger Games and Harry Potter) A Beautiful Mess Inside Go check this out, she's awesome.

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Been This Kind Of A Week...

So as you can see from the picture, enough on to the weekend...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So I find myself here again. After many months of not blogging because I forgot or I was tired or I just didn't effing want to. Whatever the reason, here I am...I feel like there should be some music here. Alas I have none..

So here we are, you who is reading the pointless words that I am writing. Perhaps, you like me, have gone searching for answers, and in some hopeful nature you think that you might find them with other bloggers...Well, there aren't any here. I have no answers. This bothers me on a daily basis that I don't and I'm not coming to terms with it in anyway, at all.

While I'm not coming to terms with stuff I've been reading...Advice columns, news papers, books, blogs..,.

I suggest heading over to  The Bloggess and reading her blog. Hey buy her book too, it will provide you with hours of endless humor.  

For books, I fell to peer pressure and read the Hunger Games, I even saw the movie (I know, my boyfriend and I did manage a date between shows and rehearsals, this does happen every few months) Little disappointed in the treatment of a couple of things in the movie but I think it had wonderful casting.

I've been watching a excessive amount of Food Network...Chopped is my the point where the dear roomies have suggested I start a food blog...I'm mulling that over so stay tuned.

Back to the Bloggess again for a minute. Funny, true story. My roomie P was cackling quite loud one I went to see what was that damn funny. Now usually it's some dumbass video on YouTube that he's watching but that night it was Copernicus, now I found this even funnier then he did, mostly because in my office at work I have a sign about Flying Monkeys and I have a Flying Monkey that it kinda like a slingshot that screams when you throw him. It kind of made my night so much that I had to show Copernicus to Spawn. Spawn in her 10 year old wisdom said "Gosh mom, he looks like he fell face first on the beach and it just stayed"

So advice columns, those can be a funny read. Sometimes you really have to wonder, just how messed up these peoples decision making skills are if they have to write in for some of this stuff. The comments are even better. It's like a open fourm in real time. Oddly enough, I know some of the commenters in real life so it enhances my entertainment value.

So I hope in some way if you're reading this you've at least smiled. If you haven't, I've given you a link to a blog where it is a guarantee and if not then I will see about borrowing Copernicus to give you a hug. :) The thought of that made me smile. So I'm going to figure out what to do with this dear blog, I'm open to suggestions...if anyone is still reading that is. let me know.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"The best revenge is a life well lived"

The actual quote by George Herbert is "Living well is the best revenge" but either way you get the general idea. I think that this is something important to remember since we just finished with the holiday season. It was said recently by my roomie K to a situation that was just pissing all of us off making us think not nice things during the season that we should only think nice things about others and it struck a cord with me.

As I said in a recent last post, I am having seething rage from hell "anger" issues regarding certain issues involving my ex, his lack of involvement in Spawn's life and his tendency to want to just ride in and "be a part of things" and a make decisions, all while not contributing to her care or upkeep. Sure he can just put up a few posts on Facebook and some old pictures and what...all of a sudden he gets the "Awesome Dad of the Year Award"?  So now, he's moved back...I think I mentioned that in my last post. He got made at me last week because Spawn has been refusing to talk to him and I haven't been picking up the phone. I only talk to him when I have something to say and right now I don't have anything to say. He's not helping with the expenses and that would really be all I have to say to him is when is he going to pay something more then $20...

I recently posted some pictures on my Facebook...I know, it's a big deal. Several of them however were of myself, Spawn and my sweetie. I think that bothered my ex. But I mean really, Spawn was in his wedding 4 years ago and in is wedding pictures. That didn't bother me. I would get Christmas card from him and his now soon to be ex wife before they were married signed "Merry Christmas from Ex, Ex's Girlfriend and Spawn" and still I said nothing. But let me put up a picture of myself, my sweetie and spawn and he thinks about taking down his Facebook.

Now really, I'm just venting. That's what my blog is here for. To get this all out, believe me, my journal...well both of them have pages of this, trying to direct my anger...this seething anger that I have because he thinks that we need to be happy he's finally graced us with his company once again. But I realized something. Overall, I'm happy. I'm in therapy to deal with the anger but when I don't think about it, I'm happy. So while I may be dealing with my unresolved rage at his actions, I'm the one that Spawn wants to go see things like Beauty and the Beast in 3D with and it's my sweetie that she asks for when we talk about going places.

At the end of the day, this is my life...for the most part, I really like it. The parts I don't...believe me...they will be changing. Because one of the things that I have learned over the last 10 years is that if you don't like where you are and what's going on in your life then do something about it. Oh and another thing I've learned is only you can determine your reaction to things. I am going to try to choose not to react. I'll let you know how that works.